Журнал № 5 - 2011(7), рубрика: "ТОГУ и мир"


Science from Within
Nowadays a sincere enthusiasm in research, without any compulsion of job instructions and curricula is still an exception than a rule. However, there are professors and students who have no doubt that research is not only the important part of the educational process, it has value in itself. Such researchers have gathered at the seminar on Sociology of Law and Survival of Local Communities. This event had been held in Pacific National University from October 7 until October 11.

Crisis of Sociology Should Be Overcome by Practice?
In October, Professor Anton Oleinik from the University of Memorial (Canada) visited Pacific National University to participate in the seminar “Sociology of Law and Survival of Local Communities”. This event was held for the first time in the Far East. Its initiators and organizers were the chairs of “Sociology, Political Science and Regional Studies”, “Philosophy and Cultural Studies”, the Department of Social Science and Humanities.

A Diploma Is Worth Its Weight in… Gold, Copper and Cast Iron
Looking at jewellery, people don’t usually ask themselves how it is made. Everybody knows that jewellery is made in the process of forging, casting, and engraving. But it is impossible without laborious work of jewellers. But where do these craftsmen study? Of course, they study in Pacific National University in the Department of Automation and Information Technology, the Chair of Foundry and Metal Technology.

Mathematics Is the Queen of the Sciences. Physics and Informatics Are its Favorite Sisters
Since 2006 the Sunday physical-mathematical school has operated in our university. The school is not a certainly similar of preliminary courses. It gives senior pupils an opportunity for profound studying of the school course of Mathematics and Physics.

The Official Tea Party and No Word About Politics
In November 7th, the diplomatic representative delegation of the State of Israel visited Pacific National University. It consisted of Mrs. Dorit Golender, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Israel to the Russian Federation, Mr. Shlomo Voskoboinik, the First Secretary of the Embassy of Israel in Moscow and Mr. Tsvi Mirkin, the Political Counsillor of the Israeli Embassy.

2011 Vietnamese Break of Pacific National University
In October 2011 Pavel Volod’kin, the pro-rector for International Academic Affairs and Cooperation (PNU), visited Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam as a member of the delegations of the Khabarovsky Krai Government and the RF Department for Education and Science. The Russian representatives have taken part in “VIIF-2011”, the International Industrial Exhibition and the Russian-Vietnamese Business Forum.

Our Countryman Anton or Simply Tran Le Tuan Anh
Pacific National University has a wide experience in teaching Russian language to foreign students. For more than twenty-year history of the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language its teachers have made a close study of geography of the Asia-Pacific region: Japan, China, North and South Korea, Thailand. We also taught students from the New World. But, perhaps, for the first time in the history of international students training a Vietnamese representative has been admitted to our university.

China and Russia. From Heart to Heart…

Over a period of the last twenty years foreign students are trained in the Russian language in Pacific National University. There were a lot of them and they came from different countries: as China, the USA, Japan, North and South Korea…
More often Chinese students come to the University to learn the Russian language. The majority of them then become translators, businessmen, diplomatic employees.

Award Named after Ivan Petrovich Belkin
Have you ever heard about a literary award of a name of Hamlet or Quixote, or even Harry Potter? I guess you haven’t. But in present Russia there is the only one, and the unique in the world the award named after Ivan Petrovich Belkin, the literary character born by Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin’s genius.

Diary as the Form of Experience of Time. Mikhail Bogoslovsky
Mikhail Mikhailovich Bogoslovsky (1867–1929) is one of the most outstanding representatives of Moscow school of historians, the pupil and follower of V. O. Klyuchevsky at the departments of Russian History at Moscow State University and Moscow Ecclesiastical Academy, the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He wrote about 90 research papers devoted to the history of Peter the Great’s reforms, reorganizations of Catherine II period, to evolution of the Russian nobility, Zemstvo, a self-government body, to the ancient and medieval Russian legal documents (“pravdas”).

Digital Resources for Everyone
In September, the seminar – presentation of Aggregative Digital Library Systems (ADLSs) of “Lan”, the publishing house (St. Petersburg), was organized for professors and students in Pacific National University. This event was held by Yuri Elsky, the director of “Lan-Trade”, trading company.

Siberia as Terra Nova
This summer the monumental volume under the laconic name as “Town Planning of Siberia” has appeared in Moscow and St. Petersburg bookshops. The epochal work, opening to Russian people their own country, had been created during many years by the professors from Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and the other cities. Khabarovsk and Vladivostok are represented by the names of Nikolai Petrovich Kradin and Nikolai Nikolayevich Kradin.

Cheerful Notes of a Curious Tourist
“I’ve been fond of travelling since I was a child. And certainly, I couldn’t lose the chance to see new places when I was invited to visit Israel last summer. So I accepted the offer and enjoyed the sun, the sea and the golden sand on a beach for two weeks. Besides that, I also have made a tour of almost the whole country…”

Heihe: Chinese Hospitality and Reasonable Prices
Students and professors of Pacific National University like visiting Fuyuan, a Chinese border town: a short way, inexpensive rest, variable shopping. We told you about its advantages in the last issue of “My University” magazine. But there is one big problem – in winter you cannot visit Fuyuan because motor ships don’t navigate there, by clear reasons, it is a cold season.

Korean Centre “KORYO”: Preserving Traditions…
We continue reporting on “My University“ magazine pages about the national cultural centers located in the Khabarovsky Krai. “KORYO”, the Korean Youth Centre, has been founded for the purpose of association and coordination of Korean youth in the Khabarovsky Krai. It promotes deeper understanding of Korean culture and nation, establishing of contacts and interactions between Korean youth.

Memorial Public Garden in the Village of Chumikan
The most reliable way of preservation of any historical event or historical period is securing information about it in one of arts: literature (epos or poetry), sculpture, painting, songs and legends, architecture and, in particular, in objects of landscape architecture. This summer students of Pacific National University got a chance to imprint the important historical event in the project of the memorial public garden in Chumikan.

Lake Baikal: There and Back Again
“When I told my acquaintances that my husband and I were going to Baikal in summer they wondered and asked, “And what for? It is cold there!” I didn’t know what to answer. Just there are some places which it would be desirable to visit. What people go to Indian mountains, the North Pole or African villages? Everybody has his own reason…”

Surrealism It Is Me
In December 23d, Salvador Dali’s exhibition devoted to the Year of Spain in Russia will be opened in the Far East Art Museum. This time visitors will be able to see the works which were created in 1950 - 70’s. There will be drawings, etching, lithographs, pottery works, as well as original engravings and sculptures (more than 100 works) presented at the exhibition.

Looking For “Gold”
November 17th. The International Students’ Day. Pacific National University. The hall. The excited people run everywhere, they install light, adjust equipment… What is happening? May be students have decided to arrange any concert to celebrate the occasion? It is a fact, but not only. Simply this day the final of the musical competition “Golden voice of PNU 2011” is held!

A Man with the Kind Eyes, Well-Developed Muscles and Imagination of the Artist
Our university is similar to the big encyclopedia. All students are so different, extremely curious and inquisitive. Every person is unique. I wish to tell about one of such persons. His name is Yuri Belkin, he is a fourth-year student of the Department of Architecture and Design. Besides that, Yuri has been engaged in powerlifting professional for 8 years. He is a talented sportsman and a creative architect.

Wend our Way on Life with a Rhythm
Where can we beat in a drum loudly and jolly in a good company? Students of Pacific National University can drum with might and main having entered “PNU drummers’ corpse”. Since 2008, when it had been set up, every year it has been supplemented with new members.

Quite Different Student’s Life
In the last issue of “My University” magazine we have recollected the brightest domestic pictures about carefree student’s life. Now let’s give due to foreign films in which college and university undergraduates are the main characters. To be honest, we easily and immediately have counted at once about fifty films! Of course, we cannot describe all of them but we would like you to pay attention to the best ones.

New Year Holidays: Where to Spend?
It has become a good tradition of the New Year’s magazine number to give some advice to PNU staff and students how to spend January vacation in the best way. Today we will consider not only traditional variants (frost and snow all around…) but also, we will focus on vacation in warm places, after all, many people nowadays prefer to listen to the chimes and to think a desire somewhere on a tropical beach.

Pacific National… Runway
For someone long corridors of the university are just a way from one lecture room to another but for others they are real runways. In which you can show your fashion and style and catch admiring eyes of passing by students.